Imagine yourself having just enjoyed a bottle of wine at a restaurant when the wait staff brings you a device where you simply enter your e-mail address or phone number and, instantly, the label of the wine you just experienced is sent to you via e-mail or text. Your smartphone Wine-Scan Application recognizes this wine and gives you detailed information about the wine and the place and date you enjoyed it, including where you can purchase it locally, using your phone and mobile payments!

Wine-Scan was developed to help wine consumers remember the wines they have enjoyed but since forgotten. The Wine-Scan device rotates a bottle of wine and produces a high quality image of the complete label (front and back) including reading the barcode.

Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), the information from the label is translated and sent to a Personal Computer or POS (Point of Sale) system with Wine-Scan Inventory Management Software for a home/ restaurant/ retail wine cellar, iPhone with Wine-Scan Phone Application, printer or email address.

Now you can give your customers a “TakeAway” from your establishment to remember their complete experience: that unforgettable bottle of wine, great food, and where it all happened.

wine scan label


The powerful imagery of the wine label’s artwork captures the wine’s complete identity direct from the producer, enhancing the knowledge and enjoyment, from the novice consumer to the expert wine enthusiast… And now for the first time, consumers can create their own “Virtual Wine Cellar” complete with high definition images of the actual labels from the wines they have enjoyed.